Piano Tuning

Tuning your piano is where it all starts. Every piano needs to be tuned at least once per year (thus, there is no such thing as a “free piano”). The fee for a tuning is $185. The cost for not tuning your piano is much higher, as it will result in a lack of interest in playing the instrument itself and more expensive maintenance in the future. For a student, the desire to play is directly related to the sound and function the instrument. Out of tune and poorly playing pianos cause students to lose interest quickly, while good sounding and easy playing pianos cause students to enjoy the process of learning and discovery!

If your piano has not been serviced in several years, it may require a major pitch adjustment before it can be tuned with accuracy. For such pianos an additional $50 will be charged to cover the extra labor/time required.

To start the process, you may schedule your own appointment on our online scheduler or call us at 616-302-3022.

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